A great rider will give their horse the gift of Soundness" - Jean Luc Cornille

"A gifted horse will lead a good rider to Victory ..


As a certified bodywork practitioner, Leslie is educated in Equine biomechanics & anatomy as well as primary issues of muscular imbalance.  Leslie holds certifications in Equine Integrated BodyWork as a Masterson Method Practioner, Sports Massage, Kinesiology taping as well as training with Saddle fit 4 life. She is committed to keeping up to date in all aspects of Equine BodyWork to continue to benefit our equine partners.


EquiHands is pleased to offer integrated bodywork for your equine partner. Why bodywork, simply horses frequently overuse or misuse their muscles which will affect their overall comfort, posture, attitude & movement. Most muscle tension issues in the horse’s body are created by – or are secondary to another, primary, issue or issues. We look at the whole horse for imbalance and/or areas of compensation.  EquiHands bodywork session is adjusted to fit your horse to successfully respond to his individual need.

When our horses feel good physically it allows them to feel good mentally 

Leslie Brooks & Squeeky

 Leslie Brooks



EquiHands clients include, equine athletes performing at high levels , hardworking lesson & therapy horses to companion & pleasure horses. All horses, all disciplines welcome! 
Although Leslie has been around horses her entire life, it was her horse Squeeky that inspired her interest in the the field of Equine BodyWork . A journey that started with one special horse & never ends. Leslie currently resides in New Jersey.

A few words about Leslie

Integrated bodywork for balance in movement