"No hour of life is wasted 

       that is spent in the saddle"

- Winston Churchill  

"A pony is a childhood dream;

      a horse is an adult treasure.

- Rebecca Carroll

 Leslie Brooks CESMT, MMCP, ETCP

Certified Equine Sports Massage & Bodywork

                  Phone - 908 619-3985


*PLEASE NOTE prior to submitting -

Client understands that equine sports massage & bodywork is not a

replacement or alternative for veterinary care.

Massage practitioners / therapists can not diagnose or treat illness / injuries.

If concerned about the health of your horse, please consult your veterinarian.

Client has completed the form to the best of their knowledge and will keep EquiHands updated with any changes in the information provided on the intake form.

Client consents for Leslie Brooks CESMT, MMCP, ETCP to provide equine massage & bodywork services.

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