Kinesiology Taping 
Kinesiology - is the scientific study of movement, and that is what this tape is for: supporting and promoting movement. It does not compress the tissue which allows the blood flow & supports  proper muscle movement. There are many different application patterns for your given goal. For example, it can relax or support the muscle or assist fascia correction. Leslie is Certified by
Equi-Tape for Kinesio taping for the Equine.
Integrated Equine Bodywork

is a results driven interactive method of equine bodywork which  finds and releases accumulated tension in key junctions that most affect performance. Unlike most modalities, it allows the horse to participate in the process. It is something you do with the horse not to the horse, which is what makes it fascinating for those who use it. Results can be observed immediately through visual tension releases & range of motion. Leslie is a certified Masterson Method Practitioner.


Equine Sports Massage / Myofascial / Saddle Fit 

Increasing range of motion in high performance horses.

Uses the principles & components of massage techniques and adapts them to the equine body. Myofascial Therapy - releasing muscular shortness & tightness. Leslie is certified in Equine Sports Massage

Saddle fit check - as it pertains to body issues


Muscle imbalance can affect attitude & performance.

 Accumulated tension can manifest as unusual or unwanted behavior. Some things you may notice;  

  • Shorter Strides / Choppy

  • Difficult with farrier or just not wanting to lift his feet

  • Head shy or Girthy

  • Intermittent Lameness, trouble with bending or changing leads

  • Bucking or refusing fences

  • Just stiff and/ or grumpy 


Equine massage & bodywork is not an alternative to veterinary care of

medicine and does not diagnose conditions or treat injuries.

If in doubt of the health of your horse -please contact your veterinarian.


Sessions are personalized to your horse's specific needs


One of the benefits of being educated in multiple bodywork techniques, it allows to adjust to what the horse needs. Just like other professional athletes, bodywork can make a horse stronger, focused, relaxed and fit. Helps your horse hold & use their body correctly improving balance & movement. Sessions include Kinesio Taping & saddle check if needed. 

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