​What types of horses can benifit from BodyWork?  

All horses! Most muscle tension issues in the horse’s body are created by – or are secondary to another, primary, issue or issues. A primary issue could be a direct issue such as saddle fit , sore foot or teeth,  the long-term build-up of muscle imbalance or unilateral tension the way the horse is conditioned or ridden. When the horse compensates for discomfort that is caused by a primary issue, then secondary issues (tension and restriction) that affect his comfort and movement are created. As muscle tension can be created by such a wide range of issues this can affect any horse. 

​​Why choose Equihands? 

You know your horse and know when something is just not quite right. Is it a movement issue that has you and your vet mystified? Is your horse not bending in one direction? Has his attitude changed? Perhaps they just feel restricted, or they are chomping on their bit or wringing their tail.

I can help unravel the mystery by peeling away layers of tightness and tension. Your horse will release hidden tension and increase his flexibility and range of motion for improved balance, movement and performance. Additionally, I am often told how much calmer, and even less spooky, clients’ horses are after a session. 

What is the Masterson Method?

As a prey animal, the horse attempts to always appear strong. If the horse shows signs of pain or weakness it will be the one first noticed by the predator, or may be left behind by the herd. Every horse will guard against showing signs of pain, weakness, lameness in the body. That is why it can be so difficult to evaluate lameness in a horse.

The Masterson Method® accesses that part of the horse’s nervous system that will give certain signs that tell where tension is being held in the body, and when it is being released. With the correct level of touch or pressure, and following what the horse’s own body is indicating, it will release the tension it is holding onto. Masterson Method Practioners are trained on the subtle responses from the horse that lead to release of tension. 

What to expect..

Evaluation of the Horse
Leslie begins each session with the evaluation of the horse.  Using the experience she has gained as an bodyworker as well as the information provided by the client.  Leslie focuses on the muscular and posture of the horse.  From that evaluation, Leslie creates a “road map” of the issues and decides what modalities and techniques will be applied, always paying close attention to the horse’s language.  After the session the horse is re-evaluated for any remanding issues. 

How frequently will my horse need BodyWork?  

Follow- up appointments are made based on the evaluation. All factors including source of discomfort or imbalance, type and amount of riding, training, showing etc.  After our initial session, we can evaluate how he responds to the BodyWork. As the horse resumes his regular schedule we can determine his progress. 

 How do we know it works?

The horse tells us! 

Please feel free to contact Leslie Brooks MMCP, ESMT, ETCP  with any additional questions




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