"we had the pleasure of a visit from Leslie Brooks - EquiHands USA"

El Camino Polo Club, Pilar Argentina

"It doesn't matter whether dressage, hunting/jumping barrel racing, harness racing, or Amish draft horsing" Masterson says "Work and performance horses are exposed to a lot of physical stress. Left undetected and not dealt with accumulated stress can cause performance and behavioral problems"

Ava is doing really well, she is only being lightly jogged this week. Trainer said she was less tight last week & seemed more balanced. I thought her neck seemed much better and she was able to stretch side to side with ease.

.....Ava was relaxed & happy getting off the trailer at the show. She was amazing, she moved like she hasn't done in two years!

I am impressed in what you found after your session.

I called the Vet. & they were able to come by later that afternoon and checked his teeth & turned out his teeth were really in need of floating, we found it very interesting since he was not due for 3 months. I took a lesson on him the next day & he was a bit fresh. We were all a little surprised. Between his new shoes your work & his teeth floated he had some serious pep in his step. His energy level was high. His exercise rider also commented that he felt much better. Thank you for sending the recap.


"The best part is clients seeing the results. Improved focus, movement, balance & most of all comfort" 

Leslie Brooks

Dreamy is great the Vet was here for a recheck and he was perfect. The Vet was actually very surprised. I told him about the tape & your work.

Leslie, I just got the chance to sit down & write you this note. Dream had Thursday & Friday off , I rode him on Saturday morning and at first he felt like his hindend was all over the place, then he started using himself more :) He was also easier to get into the bridle and round. He is doing really well, is it possible that some of the effects of the massage will manifest themselves up to a week afterwards? He just seems to continue to improve over the next couple of weeks. -

EquiHands - Thank you so much for the note - That is awesome! Yes, the bodywork technique that I use focus on the key junctions for performance, which is effective to help the horse hold & move his body correctly. Also, helps keep the connective tissue "fascia" pliable as it can get dehydrated and restrict movement. Horses are really good in learning to compensate for any imbalance and still do their job. They feel different when the tension is released as they get back in their routine they continue to adjust their body and they are able to move better.

Thanks " magic hands" Rita was much improved! softer moving and a longer stride. Nice work! Venessa also rode her and commented that it was a Great ride.

Hi Leslie, Wave is doing super! I think between the the massages & the theraplate he is feeling great. I put him on the lunge line for our Vet to take a look at him & he looked great.

Hey Leslie, had to tell you, after you left, Bear took off across the field with his head nice low & relaxed! Have never, ever seen him trot without his head six feet in the air like a giraffe!! So, exciting!! Thank you, thank U!!!